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I've never thrown a punch, can I still do the workouts?

Don't worry about it, every hero has their own origin story. In fact a lot of our members have never done any sort of boxing or martial art. Our approach will go over the basics in each and every warm up. With other people doing the same work and combos, you'll be picking things quick and easy.

Do I need to bring boxing gloves?

We provide enough gloves for every one. We treat and clean them to keep them as fresh as possible. If you wanted to bring your own that's also fine or we also sell pairs of the custom branded Pow!Box gloves. It is essential that hand wraps are worn however, just for your own protection as well as increased hygiene. Hand wraps are pretty cheap and can be picked up from most sporting goods shops. We also offer the option to buy these for you to keep and look after.

What if I'm the only one booked on, will the session still go ahead?

You bet! Every person who chooses to train with Pow!Box is just as important. We understand that just to try and make the time for you to actually fit a workout in, around work, kids and well just life, can be hard. You can bet we'll be there. We may cancel sessions if the weather is too extreme and is a risk. However we will aim to contact you a couple hours before and ensure you know the session has been moved / cancelled if that is the case.

When should I turn up for sessions?

It's always recommended to turn up at least 10 minutes before a session is due to start. Especially if it is your first time. This allows us to cover the basics of the session with you, set up you gloves and help ensure you have everything ready for a fun and effective Pow! workout.

Will Boxing make me bulky ?

Boxers have amongst the best power to weight ratios of any athletes in the world. What that means is that there is no room for excess weight. Boxing training delivers lean physiques, that is why it is trusted by movie stars and top models as their preferred form of training to get into killer shape

Do I need to create an account?

Yes you do. It’s easy, go to the Sign Up page, enter your details and answer some simple questions.

Do I have to buy a package or membership?

Not at all, you can buy a single session. You also get the first week FREE. We are also a part of GymForLess

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